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MT panel    marble tile panel

MT panel is the 3mm thick natural marble backed up with the 9mm thick porcelain tile, which is more durable and much lighter than the solid natural marble. Also, since MT panel can be constructed in the same way as a tile, that makes it possible to put the panels on the wide range of the wall with a wet construction method. It achieves reduction of cost and shortens the construction preiod.

SP panel   sound-proof panel

SP panel efficiency realized floor impact sound reduction by putting marble tiles and self-formed special rubber together.
This method of construction was acquired patent.
patent No.5653078

TS panel   tuflite stone panel

TS panel is a composite plate which consists of a stone and aluminum alloy honeycomb. Since it has strength against bending and high durability that is not destroyed even it is knocked by a hammer, you can enjoy a variety of design of the top.
Also we can manufacture a big panel as 1.2m×2.7m, and it can be used for a large wall panels, kitchen counters, floor panels, tables, outer walls and so on.

ESG panel   elegant stone and glass panel

ESG panel is made by extremely thin sliced stone(3mm~5mm) and glass put by special processing, and it lets artistic light through beautiful designs of marble and onyx so it creates unprecedented fantastic space. It has high durability, and could adapt for maximum size 1.1m×2.7m, so you will be able to ebjoy its magnificent elegant attraction.

TH panel     transparent honeycomb panel

TH panel is made by extremely thin sliced stone and transparent resin honeycfomb. Comparing to glass, TH panel is lighter, tougher, and would not break easily.
It lets artistic light through beautiful designs of marble and granite so it creates unprecedented space.

UT panel   ultra thin panel  

UT panel is a ultra-thin panel made with sliced stone(2mm~5mm)put together with the glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin base.
Since the UT panel is very light, it doesn't need any foundation reinforcement, and it is convenient for renewal.
It could adapt for maximum size 700mm×700mm.
It won Grand Prix《JCD Product of the year 2013》