Company name
Solute inc.(It has changed from ESG JAPAN in 2014)
Hiroshi Oku
Hirobe Miyake building 6F, 2-7-1, Higashi-Kanda Chiyoda-ku, 101-0031, Tokyo
TEL. 03-5809-2815 FAX. 03-5809-2816
2 million yen
Sep, 13, 2004
Our Business
Manufacturing, Designing, Constructing and Import and Sales in many kinds of building stones and stone products with the special skill such as MT panel, SP panel, TS panel, ESG panel, TH panel, and UT panel.
Dealing Bank
SMBC (the Kanda brunch), Kosan Shinkin Bank
JCD Supporting Member, Japan Building Materials Association, Japan Tourism Facilities Association, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
General Construction License
The governor of Tokyo No.142681

Our History

ESG JAPAN is founded and starts selling MT panel( a laminated slab consists of a slice of marble and porcelain)
Starts selling TS panel(a laminated slab consists of a slice of stone and and an aluminum alloy honeycomb)
Starts selling ESG panel(a laminated slab consists of a slice of stone and glass)
Starts selling TH panel (a laminated slab consists of a slice of stone and ABS resin honeycomb)
Develops SP panel(MT panel with a sponge) The press presentation of MT panel and begins to sell.
We have introducerd at Construction Communication Press. 
Press presentation of joint development with Kumagaigumi and Nohara Industry.
Jan, 2011
Our showroom was published at Construction Communication Press.
Jun, 2011
Starts selling UT panel(a laminated slab consists of a slice of stone and the glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin base)
Oct, 2011
We have introduced in JCD kanto 《Mercedes-Benz Connection at Roppongi》
May, 2012
UT panel was published at Kenzai No.236《profile of member company》《Featured Products》
Jun, 2013
UT panel was published at《TILES Jun, 2013》
Jun, 2013
UT panel won Grand Prix《JCD Product of the year 2013》
Company name, ESG JAPAN changes to Solute inc.
SP panel got acquired patent. (patent No. 5653078
Apr, 2016
Our prduct was published at 《Syogyoushisetsu April 2016》 by JTOCS
May, 2016
TS-DF panel got utility model registration(Utility Model Registration No.3204812)