• Please refer here for physical property data for each stone species.
  Types Stones Additional Names Place of Origin Colors Prices Features
Granite Shang Dong White (G365)
Luna Bianco China White D There are somewhat uneven color.
Granite Bethel White - USA White SA Color tone is stable. It belongs to the most white category in Granite.
Granite Chinese Inada
Arena Blanca China White E It's commonly used as a top plate of the kitchen. Color tone is stable.
Granite Piazza White
White Breeze China White D It's granite of Inada series, and commonly used as outer wall, floors, top plates and so on.
Granite Lang Hua White White Libre
China Oyste
China White D Patterns differ greatly in vertical grain and horizontal grain by way of cutting. It's somewhat prone to rust.
Granite Rockville White - USA White A It's commonly used as outer wall of buildings since the crystal is large.
Granite Shang Xi Black Midnight China Black B Prices are rising. There are somewhat uneven color nowadays.
Granite China Impala
Southern Gray China Black D This is like an Impala Black of South Africa. There are many color unevenness.
Granite LS Pearl China Sienit
China Black C It may be used in alternate of Sienit Monchique
Granite Star Galaxy Star Black
Black Galaxy
India Black A Although gold spots are beautiful,there are variations of patterns of the spots.
Granite Impala Black Rustenburg South Africa Black B It's the most commonly used in black series.
Granite Tan Brown English Brown India Brown C White line in the granite sometimes becomes a claim.
Granite Caledonia Nara Brown Canada Brown B It's the most commonly used in brown series. It's somewhat prone to rust.
Granite Sapphire Brown Sapphire Blue India Brown B Blue spots in the brown brings a unique impression.
Granite Giallo Veneziano San Francisco Yellow Brazil Brown A Crystals are brittle and large. It has become orange from yellow year to year.
Granite Sienit Monchique St. Louis Monchique Portugal Brown A Crack sometimes occurs in the pattern of stone, and are unsuitable as a top plate.
Granite Dakota Mahogany Mahogany Red USA Brown A There is a sense of luxury, but it is difficult to unify the color.
Granite Baltic Brown - Finland Brown C It is large crystals are characterized.
There is variation in the size of the pattern
Granite Emerald Pearl - Norway Green A There are shine of mica.
Granite Man Nen Ao Zebra Fonte China Green C Large plate can not be taken because the gemstone is cobblestone.(under700)
Granite Indian Green M6 India Green C Pattern is stable.
Large plate can be taken.
Granite Verde Fontein - South Africa Green B It's commonly used for the building wall.
Sometimes black spots appear in the stone.
Granite Olive Green - South Africa Green A Patterns differ greatly in vertical grain and horizontal grain.
Granite Blue Pearl - Finland Blue SA There are shine of mica and it's valuable.
Granite Azul Platino - Spain Gray B It's prone to rust
Granite Silver Fox - China Gray D Pattern is stable.
Granite Giallo Santa Secilia - Brazil Yellow B Black lines are characterized.
The number of Black lines are not unified.
Granite Samoa San Francisco White Brazil Yellow C There is few uniformity of the color. Recently, yellow is becoming stronger.
It's prone to rust
Granite Sakura
Zebra Porrino
China Pink E It is often used as a substitute of Pink Porrino(Italy).
Marble Arabescato Arabescato Cervaiole Italy White A Large black pattern looks gorgeous. Sometimes yellowcolor appear in the white stone.
Marble Drama White Ajax Greece White B Base color is more white than Bianco, but pattern is not constant.
Marble Bianco Carrara - Italy White B It's the most commonly used in white marble series.
Marble Bianco Brouille - Italy White B Pattern of black lines are characteristic. Note the color unevenness of the base.
Marble Botticino - Italy Beige A It is stable with color and patterns but sometimes there is few uniformity of the color within the same slab.
Marble Crema Marfil - Spain Beige B It's the most commonly used in beige marble series, but recently quality has become worse.
Marble Perlino Chiaro Rineato Bianco Italy Beige B Cracks pattern of line are characteristic, but fragile from the line.
Marble Svevo Royal Perlato Svevo Italy Beige B There is few uniformity of the color.
Marble Taiwan Green Emerald green Taiwan Green B It is difficult to take a large plate. Sometimes white lines appear in the stone.
Marble Indian Green Green Marble India Green B Base color is somewhat pale.There are no white lines in the stone.
Marble Rosso Alicante - Spain Red A There are white cracks pattern.
Marble Emperador Dark Marron Brown Spain Brown B It's brittle and fragile.There are irregular pattern.
Marble Emperardor Light Marron Light Spain Brown B Inventory is low.
Marble Shallow Ash Grigio Fantasy China Brown C There are white and orange lines in the stone.
thedifferences of color tone is significant.
Marble Nero Crown Black Fantasy China Black C It is similar to Nero Marquina (Spain)
There are many or a few white lines in the stone.
Limestone Moca Creme Moca Relvinha Portugal Beige B There are brown lines in the stone.
There is a difference in the color shade due to locality.
Limestone Blanco Do Mar - Portugal Beige A There is a small grain pattern in the milky white.
Limestone Capri Lime Caliza Capri Spain Beige B Fossil is dotted.